After-School Karate!

You can free up your after-work hours

Once upon a time there was a working mom in Brazoria County who was always in a rush. She rushed to pick up the kids from school…rushed to get them to soccer…and then rushed them home to finish their homework.

Sound familiar? What if you found out the working mom stumbled upon a way to stop rushing and start spending more quality time with her family? Would you be interested in knowing how she did it?

She enrolled her kids in After-School Taekwondo program at Martial Arts America in Lake Jackson. Designed for kids ages 5-14, After-school Taekwondo was developed to ease your after-school load by…


1. Picking up your kids from school…in properly insured vans. 

2. Satisfying their need for an after-school activity…daily Taekwondo classes will reduce their excess after-school energy AND teach them skills such as teamwork, leadership, better focus and concentration. 

3. Day and week camps when school is out for holidays.

We take care of it all-Transportation, Martial Arts activities—so you can have free time after work to spend with your family. Although we are a certified state after school program WE ARE NOT A DAYCARE we train in Taekwondo ! Its Fun, Safe and exciting! We charge less less than your  normal daycares. we except NCI

The After School Program is a great way to safely have your child transported from their elementary school to White Tiger Taekwondo where children have the opportunity to: Participate in a Character Education class daily

  • Study martial arts and become a Black Belt in Taekwondo
  • Learn the value of leadership
  • Have free time to finish school assignments if needed
  • Improve socialization skills
  • Develop conflict resolution abilities
  • Practice discipline, courtesy, and respect
  • Enter fun and safe martial arts competitions
  • Enjoy many forms of recognition and awards
  • Experience exciting belt promotion and graduations events

  The After School portion of our school was developed at the request of parents wanting an alternative to the typical daycare environment. The objective of the After School Martial Arts Program is to create a fun and safe experience every afternoon after school that encourages kids to learn the qualities of being a black belt.

The children are continuously supervised by adult and teen counselors who provide the transportation and activity supervision, and Black belt Instructors who teach the martial arts classes. All on-site activities are conducted indoors and children are divided into smaller groups in separate classrooms at the appropriate times. The daily routine is punctual and organized. Parents can concentrate on their job with the peace of mind that their children are having fun after school, making good use of their time, and staying healthy from the exercise.

Ultimately, the children will become Black belt Leaders and role models. The martial arts curriculum is comprehensive. If your child is attending an after school program now, then usually enrolling in our After School program is more affordable. Instead of paying tuition for after care, at a daycare, and then paying tuition again for martial arts classes, you can have your after school needs and martial arts lessons combined together. Then, evenings can be saved for quality family time and eliminate the stress of having to manage dinner, homework, evening activities, and bed time schedules..

Space is limited… Call (979) 297-8444 today to enroll your kids in After-School Taekwondo at White Tiger Taekwondo. Dont forget to ask about our discounts for current members!

P.S. For about the same cost of after school or day care we provide free pick up and Taekwondo classes.

 (We are a registered after school program through the state of Texas)

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