Board Breaking Requirements:

All students First Degree Black Belt Recommended Level 1 and above should be prepared for their testing by having their wood cut properly and the correct amount on the day of the test. The number of pieces needed for testing will depend on the rank that you are testing for. All boards will be inspected prior to the testing. Wood specifications are as follows:

We only use #2 white pine shelving. This wood can be purchased at your local lumber yard.

5-7 years old…….. 1 x 12 x 7 inch cuts

8-10 years old……..1 x 12 x 9 inch cuts

11 and up……………1 x 1 2 x 10 inch cuts


Recommended Black belts ( Three stations)

First Degree Black Belts (Three stations)

Second Degree Black Belts (Four Stations)

Third Degree Black Belts (Four stations)

Fourth Degree Black Belt (Five stations)

Fifth Degree Black Belts (Six stations)

All station include: 1-power break/kick, 1 ball of the foot technique, 1 jump kick, one hand technique and the other are of the black belts choice.