Grand Master Jason Wadley


Grand Master Wadley has been training in the Taekwondo for over thirty five years. He and his family began training under the direction of the Lee brother’s, who were the founders of the American Taekwondo Association in Little Rock, Arkansas. In 1990 Master Wadley switched and began training under Grand Master Scott McNeely, Grand Master Robert Hardin and Grand Master Park, Jung Tae. Master Wadley is now a 9th degree black belt in Taekwondo and holds the title of president and senior technical adviser to the United Taekwondo Alliance. He currently trains with Grand Master Clint Robinson from Sacramento, CA.

Master Wadley has become known in the Martial Arts community as a rising leader of Taekwondo. His pupils and colleagues follow him because of his loyalty, humility, technical knowledge and Taekwondo spirit which he shares with all. His motto is “Practice what you preach”.
Since becoming president of the UTA, Master Wadley has opened networking doors with instructor’s and Martial Arts organizations here and abroad.
Master Wadley’s runs a successful school here in Lake Jackson, Texas. He developed a successful self-defense program called the “Executive Black Belt Program”, he also runs a successful after school program, serves in the Texas State Guard.
If you have not yet meet Grand Master Wadley you will soon learn why people come to love and admire his training, friendship and martial arts guidance. Grand Master Wadley is one of the most humble yet well rounded martial artist alive. He practices all forms of martial arts and thinks of himself as a white belt with a hungry attitude towards learning new things.
While most stylist only promote their art as being “The best”. Grand Master Wadley will tell you that all styles art great. Its the instructor that makes the difference!
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