New Students – Basic Program

Before a new student can become a full fledged member Jason Wadley’s Taekwondo and our “Elite” Program, We offer each new student a trial program. This program is designed to let the new student experience Taekwondo before committing on to a black belt course. Master Jason Wadley’s program is not interested in student who simply look at Taekwondo as an activity. To truly gain from the benefits Taekwondo has to offer one must take on the seriousness of training and set goals to achieve their objectives.

We offer classes for ages 2 years old and above!  This let’s you try it out, have fun and experience Taekwondo at it’s best! Once a student believes that Taekwondo is right for them, then they may transfer into our prestigious “Black Belt Program” and become a full fledged member of our school.

For more information please contact one of our instructors and schedule an appointment today.