Black Belt Program

The Black Belt Program for all students who wish to reach the rank of Black Belt. At White Tiger Taekwondo it is our goal to help students set and achieve their goal of becoming a black belt. Black Belt is not for everyone. It takes a dedicated individual to achieve this level. Martial Arts America hand picks all of its candidates for Black Belt training. We do this by offering a basics training class. Student who show interest and the ability (No matter their age) will be allowed to move forward into this class by receiving a hand written invitation from Master Wadley. For more information about the Black Belt Program please speak to Master Wadley.

SUCCESS IN NOT AN ACCIDENT:  Every parent wants the best for their child, but how do you prepare them for all the challenges that they face in life?  How do you teach them the motivation, the proper attitude necessary for success?  We have the answer with our Making the GRADE program!

* Goals:  Our unique reward system of belt ranks allows your child to set short, interim and long term goals up to the coveted Black Belt.  We also reward your child for good behavior in order to develop good habits.

*Respect:  Respect is the heart of the very foundation of the martial arts.  We teach children to have respect for their parents, their elders, teachers, friends and themselves.

*Attitude:  One of the best lessons to learn is that even though we can’t control all of life’s circumstances, situations and people, we can control our attitude towards them. 

*Discipline:  Self-discipline has been called the master key to success.  Studies show that self-discipline leads to better listening skills and increased retention of knowledge.

*Esteem:  The first step in teaching children to achieve greatness is getting them to believe they can be great, therefore they’ll have the courage to pursue their goals.

The habits, attitudes and confidence your child develops in our martial arts program will last a lifetime.  Make sure they get off in the right direction, mentally and physically.