Types of Martial Arts

In this section, you will find information about many popular martial arts, many of which are offered here at White Tiger Taekwondo.

We teach traditional Taekwondo here at White Tiger Taekwondo. There are two main styles of Taekwondo taught in the world and several others offered in specific regions. The first real form of Taekwon-do was developed by General Choi, Hong Hi and Colonel Nam, Tae Hi. It is called “Ch’ang Hon” Taekwondo.

During the late sixties and early seventies Korea was a changing political place and a second version of Taekwondo call  ”Tae Guek” was invented. This style is now an olympic sport. Although the sport side of Taekwondo is very popular their are many others who teach the traditional self-defense and self-development side of the art.

White Tiger Taekwondo offers the both traditional and modern Olympic arts of Taekwondo. Master Jason Wadley is a certified master under Great Grand Master Nam, Tae Hi, Grand Master Kong, Young Il, Grand Master Park, Jung Tae, Grand Master Scott McNeely, Grand Master J. Pat Burleson, Grand Master Clint Robinson (WTF) and Grand Master Robert Dunn. Master Wadley first instructors were Grand Lee, Hang Ung (Founder of the ATA) and three of his brother named Master Lee, Jee Ho, Grand Master Lee, In Ho and Master Lee, Mal Kun